September 19, 2011

Well, I can honestly say I’ve never photographed such a unique wedding. That being said, it was awesome. Maria and Barree are from Chicago (check out their engagement session on the Oregon Coast). They have never been to the Northwest before and wanted to do something that was fun and unique. I’m just glad they picked me to be their photographer!

We started out at the beautiful Nines Hotel in Portland, Oregon – got some fantastic images in a very short amount of time. Then, onto Voodoo Doughnuts for the wedding ceremony! Smelling delicous and decked out in pink and filled with randomness we awaited the arrival of the Bride and Groom. Upon their arrival, Barree surveyed the crowd waiting – and made a run for it. Only shortly though, he came back after jogging in the 95 degree heat and sun.

Nobody knew what to expect for the ‘Voodoo’ ceremony. When the officiant said he would be right back because he had to change, we thought it meant he was going to change out of his shorts and tank top. Nope. A few minutes later he comes out sweating in a purple dinosaur outfit. The ceremony was hilarious, fun and brief. A short 1st dance, some doughnuts of course and some fun group pictures and it was off for more locations to take some great wedding pictures in Portland.

Maria and Barre, I was your tour guide, your photographer and I tried to be a comedian too. Thanks so much for having me photograph you both while you enjoyed the Northwest and all that Portland had to offer. We had a blast and hope that you come back soon! Just be sure to let us know!

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