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Liz + Anthony’s Wedding  :: Portland Art Museum

THE PROPOSAL: Anthony had the whole day planned and the details for the day started months before he actually proposed. He wanted to make sure that he chose the perfect ring for Liz, so he partnered up with her best friend (and future Maid of Honor), Heather to secretly find out the information. To do so, Heather planned a day with Liz of running errands and catching up. One of those errands was to get her wedding ring cleaned. While there, Heather stated that they should go to the Shane Co just to look at rings. Liz teased her about it but Heather insisted that when he does finally decide to propose, he would most certainly ask the best friend’s opinion on rings. They found the ring and Heather secretly wrote the information down when Liz went to the car. Anthony then told his family and close friends about his plan, who then avoided Liz for the next few months in fear of letting the information slip. Then the day before the proposal, Anthony pretended that he was called into work. He even partnered with one of their mutual good friends to act as though he was the one to call him in. Mind you, this was the day that two of Anthony’s closest friends were flying in from Phoenix to visit and to be a part of the special day. Liz was disappointed that he had to work, but did not think anything else of it. Instead of going to work though, Anthony got all dressed up and went to Liz’s parents’ home to ask their permission to marry their daughter. Liz’s mother instantly started crying in excitement and her father, who is not a typical crier, began to well up with joy that Anthony was going to be his future son-in-law. Of course, they both approved. The day of the proposal, Anthony told Liz that he really wanted to bring his Phoenix friends to the Rose Garden downtown so that they could see what the city is about with the beautiful flowers. Liz laughed a bit because it was March and told Anthony that all there would be left was sticks in the ground because the roses are not in bloom. Anthony insisted so they went. They also invited some other friends for a day downtown, which is typical for Liz and Anthony because they like to enjoy the city with friends often. They all made their way up to the Rose Garden, which as Liz had warned, was full of sticks instead of roses. They walked around a bit and came across the Shakespeare Garden, which is vibrant colors of green all year long. One of their photographer friends wanted to take some pictures of them, claiming to build his portfolio, so they posed by a large tree in the Shakespeare Garden. After taking a few goofy photos and having fun, suddenly the group of friends started telling them to act serious and told Liz to take her sunglasses off. Liz was confused by the sudden change of tone, but went along with it. Then as Liz looked into Anthony’s eyes, Anthony began to tell her how much he loved her and that he wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. At that point, he pulled out the ring (the same one she had picked out months prior), got down on one knee, and asked Liz to marry him. In shock, Liz covered her face and started crying in excitement. After a few shocked moment words, Liz of course said yes and they hugged and cried together as their friends cheered them on in the background. The rest of the day was filled with smiles and celebration!

WHERE WAS IT? Anthony and Liz were married at the Portland Art Museum in downtown Portland. The ceremony was held outside in the Sculpture Mall, with a great view of the Park Blocks and some great buildings. The reception was held in the Kridell Grand Ballroom on the third floor of the museum, which was all setup to welcome the guests for a dinner buffet and cocktails, as well as two stories of art gallery for them to walk through at their leisure.

VISION FOR THE DAY: Liz is born and raised in Portland and when Anthony moved there five years ago, he quickly learned why she never wanted to leave. Portland embodies who they are and really ignites much of their passions and motivations. Because of this bond with their city, they wanted their guests (who came from all over the US) to really be able to embrace some of their favorite parts of Portland. This is why the ceremony was outside to be able to enjoy the summer weather, while walking through the Park Blocks, and then bringing them inside to enjoy the more elegant side of Portland with the ballroom of the museum.

THE PLANNING PROCESS: The wedding was filled with DIY projects so the planning took quite a while. Liz and Anthony had the same vision for their wedding throughout the entire planning process. Liz was the one with the crafty hand though, so Anthony was often the one cheering her on with the various projects in front of her. These projects were the hard part. Finding the vendors was pretty easy, which is rare. Liz and Anthony did a lot of research before they would even schedule initial meetings. This saved a lot of time because with the narrowed down selection, it was just a matter of matching personalities and skills at that point. Each of their vendors was chosen based, not only on skills and talent, but mostly on gut instinct. They would actually go into most of their meetings saying they were not going to decide today, but would then have such a strong connection with their vendor that they would not see any reason to wait or look further. Go with your gut!

THE VENUE: The Portland Art Museum in downtown Portland, Oregon. It was perfect size for the amount of guests that they had attend, while still allowing them to sit, eat and mingle comfortably. The ceremony in the Sculpture Mall outside was beautiful and the Kridell Ballroom was certainly grand and elegant.

BRIDE’S DRESS: Liz wore a gorgeous dress by Justin Alexander from Charlotte’s Weddings and More. Originally, Liz did not like the idea of wearing a ball gown/princess style dress, but while dress shopping, her entourage encouraged her to just try one on. As soon as she did, the entire room had instant tears. They all knew, including Liz, that this was the one. The follow up dress appointment was canceled and they order the dress.

BRIDE’S SHOES: Liz loves her flats! So, of course, she would wear flats for her wedding day. There is no need to be in pain when you are on your feet for about eight hours straight. Plus, it also helps that both Liz and Anthony are on the shorter side, so there is no need to stretch Liz out for any photos or kisses.

JEWELLERY/ACCESSORIES: This is another area that Liz likes to keep simple. The most jewelry she wears on a regular basis is her engagement/wedding rings. The most important accessory that Liz wore that day was her “something old.” It was a necklace that her Grandma Adeline had given her when she was a baby. Her Grandma was there in spirit that day, especially when Liz’s mother took the moment to place the necklace around Liz’s neck.

HAIR & MAKEUP: Liz had an amazing woman do her hair and makeup! Here name is Laura Alford. She is a professional hair stylist at a salon in Oregon City, but also works for a company called Blossom and Beauty, which is how Liz found her. She truly went above and beyond that day, by not only doing more than expected for the bridal party for makeup, but she even followed us down to the museum to ensure that we would have touch ups done for pictures and/or when our hair would fall. Normally, she could have just left after the initial hair/makeup was done. Not only is she super talented for wedding hairstyles, she is also a great everyday stylist! She is creative and funny and a perfectionist, three things that make a perfect combo when getting your hair done!

GROOMS ATTIRE: Anthony wore a tan suit with a turquoise tie from Men’s Wearhouse. He looked so dapper in his summer suit attire! Men’s Wearhouse did a great job, especially since they had such a large wedding party. There were no major errors and they were on top of it with communication with Anthony.

WEDDING FAVOURS: The wedding favours were crayon candles, made by Liz, Anthony, and the bridesmaids. The back story for the crayons is that for the five years that Liz and Anthony have been together, Anthony would randomly give Liz a single crayon from various restaurants that they would go to. The reason for him doing this was to always encourage creativity in Liz’s heart and mind. Liz has built up quite a collection of crayons over the years, but instead of using her collection, they were able to get enough crayons to make 250 candles in 4 oz mason jars. The job was tough, having to peel and break up that many crayons and then to melt them down to become the candle. A lot of work, sweat, and tears went into those candles!

THE FLOWERS: The flowers were done by Kay Dietl with Flowers For You. Kay has a great personality and was so friendly through the planning. She made the bouquets for Liz and her bridesmaids, a flower ball for the flower girl, a flower toss bouquet, and two beautiful towers that were used in the ceremony and the reception.

THE CAKE: The cake was provided by Helen Bernhard. It was four tiers of different delicious flavors. The only bummer was that the cake was delivered late, so the flowers that were supposed to go on it did not, but it was still delicious.

YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER: Our photographer was Aaron Potter with OneBloom Photography. Aaron was one of the vendors that we went into the meeting saying that we were not going to make a decision that night, but he was so wonderful and personable that we could not walk away from him. From day one, he was great with communication and was so helpful with keeping Liz and Anthony on schedule with photos from engagement photos to the actual wedding day. He is also a perfectionist, which is fantastic when it comes to photography. So much so that he researches daylight times and knows to the minute when he will lose certain light in different places. Listen to him when he tells you where to capture the light for a photo! His photography skills are so strong that not much editing is needed, but he does so anyway to make sure that each and every shot is perfection. Always a good thing when looking for a photographer!

INVITATIONS & STATIONERY: The invitations were coral and turquoise on an ivory backdrop and the save the dates were a small magnet collage of three photos of Liz and Anthony. Useful swag! These were both order through minted.com. The program for the day of was one the DIY projects that Liz juggled. Anthony and the bridesmaids were a huge help in this process because the paper had to be cut and then glued to the handles to make them into fans. They served function on the hot summer day in Portland!

FOOD & DRINK: The food and drinks were provided by Vibrant Table. The buffet spread was delicious! It included chicken breast with a yummy sauce, pork shoulder that fell off of the bone, roasted green beans, a wedge salad with green goddess dressing, and some of the best mashed potatoes ever. They also had a warm mixed fruit cobbler for desert if the guests wanted more than cake. The drinks were standard bar service for a wedding, but did the job! Kathy, the sales coordinator for the event was who Liz and Anthony were sold on during the planning process. She was very personable and really showed that she cared. The day of event manager needs a little work on the personable side, but he got the job done. Kathy and the VT team was also very accepting of that feedback and are making adjustments to ensure consistency across the board with their team.

THE HONEYMOON: Anthony and Liz actually went on a “pre-honeymoon” to Cabo San Lucas. They highly recommend the pre honeymoon because it is a great way to get away when stresses are high and be forced to relax because you can’t do anything from that far away anyway, so you might as well enjoy it and soak it in! They also took some time after the wedding to enjoy parts of the Oregon Coast that they had never been to. They found a new favorite beach in Bandon, Oregon, which they plan to visit again and again!

A MEMORABLE MOMENT: One of the most memorable moments was when Liz and Anthony asked all of their guests to join them for a group photo on the Park Blocks. This was certainly a challenge, but it really stood out how many people and different walks of life joined together for that special day to celebrate with Liz and Anthony. The second most memorable moment was their first dance when then room seemed completely empty besides the new husband and wife. The guests were so silent and fixated on the couple that the moment truly was about them.

ADVICE FOR OTHER COUPLES: This was said a lot to Liz and Anthony through their planning, but it is so important…SLOW DOWN! The day goes by so fast that you miss so much. Take moments with each other to truly embrace what is happening around you and because of you. You, the couple, are the reason why everyone is there and that’s a pretty awesome feeling. Don’t forget to take time to appreciate that.

CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE: We had three vendors who truly went above and beyond the call of duty and really made sure to help us make our day so special. First, Laura from Blossom and Beauty, who not only did an amazing job on our hair and makeup, but followed us to the museum to make sure that we all looked fabulous for all of the important moments. Second, our DJ, Ryan Hein from Perfect Memories DJ, who cared so much about our day that he helped us in creating our timeline and really helped us take the time to reflect on the special moments of our day. His music was great too! And third, our photographer, Aaron Potter, and his team with OneBloom Photography, who really made sure to capture all of our special moments of the day. They also helped us create moments that weren’t even planned but worked out to be so much fun. They encouraged us to push our limits, which resulted in some amazing photos! Thank you all so much!

Vendors Links and Resources!

Wedding Venue: http://events.portlandartmuseum.org/events/wedding

Wedding Dress: http://www.charlottesweddings.com

Hair and Makeup: http://blossomandbeauty.com

Flowers: http://www.flowerspdx.com

Photography: www.OneBloom.com

DJ: http://www.perfectmemorydj.com

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