It’s always a tough, yet fun project to put this post together.

My career has taken me to so many different places, with so many different people that every situation is unique. The light is never the same, the time lines are never the same, the people are from all walks of life. When choosing these images, it’s a tough task. I narrow them down based on what I like, what stands out to me, what is technically sound or sometimes just makes me smile.

Or, I get lucky and everything works together to create that perfect moment. Sometimes photography is just about being there. Just getting there and being with the right people at the right time.

It’s been a fantastic year. Since we only have 30 images to share, I like to try and post one from different weddings and sessions. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. In the end I like to showcase creative, fun, technically beautiful images, emotions, candid images, unique locations and light. I tried to keep the commercial images to a minimum – too many to choose from. They have their own new spot on the commercial site.

2014 marks our best year in business. We started this journey back in 2003 when I first picked up a ‘real’ camera. I shot my 1st wedding in 2005, shortly after I started my business that winter. I began selling my personal work and advertising my business. I then started looking at schools for photography. In the fall of 2006 I began attending The Hallmark Institute of Photography. Since then my journey has taken me from Bellingham, WA back to Vancouver, WA where I have captured weddings and portraits all over the Northwest.

My work this year took off with my wedding and commercial photography work. I started a new commercial photography website to showcase all of the work I have done over the last few short years.

I was able to showcase a lot of my work at the Clark County Fair where I had a booth. It was great meeting so many current clients, potential clients and commercial vendors. I did a lot of 2nd shooting this year as well. None of those made the selections – strictly because they are not my clients.

As 2015 rolls in, I hope to continue to work on commercial photography. Including video. This is a new segment I am taking on. It fits perfectly with my technical experience with lighting and capturing ultra-realistic images (photography speaking: HDR).

I’ve been so fortunate to work with so many great clients. I would like to continue to capture unique weddings, in cool locations. It just makes my job easier! Weddings are full of great moments and they are so special. My goal is always to create amazing images that capture the couple there, in that awesome moment.

I would also like to find talented people to work with on creating unique images in amazing locations with a model and hair/makeup artists. A stylist would be beneficial as well. This would be strictly for portfolio uses. Breaking into that market is something that I would like. I feel that my take on lighting and ideas would work well.

My senior portrait photography has really been fun. I like the one-on-one nature of the sessions without the pressure of a wedding day. I can really be creative and get great molding lighting. It’s fun!

Long update, I know, I know. But hey! If you made it this far – thank you! Here’s to 2015!

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