I always find it incredible, looking back on the year. Time flies by… I find myself sitting here finding it hard to believe the amount of work it was. The dedication, the challenges, the people I’ve met, the stories, the love, the smiles, the tears, the places I’ve experienced…

I love my job. I love my job!

In 2005, I was writing my Dad back and fourth through some emails… we were working on a project for his business and I was doing the editing and design mock ups. My Dad was paying me a small amount to help. One night, he had shared a photo with me at sunset with his Dog’s running through the desert in the Tri-Cities. I woke up to a phone call in the morning. My Father had passed away.

I then opened my email from the night before that my father wrote to me. He said, ‘The light is everything.’

It affected my passion for photography deeply. I had already wrapped his present, I had made custom printed calendar of my artistic landscapes and still life and other conceptual work for 2006. I was even displaying my work online and in downtown Vancouver and began selling it.

I started my business that same month.

I hope to bring the last words my father wrote ‘The light is everything’ to my own work. With each year I find myself becoming closer to chasing that light and capturing it in the most beautiful ways I can find. Not every situation is ever the same. The challenges are all unique and not everything will go your way – but I’ve pushed hard to be where I am today. I’m so fortunate to be sitting here, looking back on my best year in business.

I truly can say that this year – I stuck to my goals of challenging myself – trying new things while shooting – having fun – enjoying life.

2016 will bring new challenges, excitement and new places. I’m excited for the journey ahead and the goals I have in place.

-Aaron Potter

Thank you for reading!

Big thank you and hugs to all the clients featured here that allow me to keep doing the best job on earth! You all rock and I truly am so incredibly thankful and blessed.

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Here’s to 2016!