OneBloom is a unique, creative and professionally trained and certified photography studio that specializes in weddings, portraits and commercial photography.

Our clients are looking for a unique, fashionable, stylized and contemporary look.

– – –

One: Fresh, New, Unique, Precise, Separate
Bloom: Flourish, Grow, Class, Allure, Prosper

Capturing a beautiful picture doesn’t begin with just a camera.

A beautiful picture is the result of capturing the essence of the subject.

It is the inspiration, experience and simplicity of the photographer that make up the rest of the picture.

Our job is to bring to my clients what can’t be seen.

It is to unite the scene in front of our camera with our style and look.

OneBloom isn’t just a name, it’s what we believe in.

There are no limits, Bloom.

– –

Based out of Vancouver, Washington. We cater to the Portland, Oregon area and beyond for any photography needs around Washington and Oregon.