Aaron Potter’s background in art and graphic design, allowed him to fall in love with photography immediately after high school. Experimenting with the camera doing long exposures and long night drives on the weekend. He quickly began developing his passionate, unique, and bold style. He not only discovered that he has a natural talent for the art form, but also that photography ideally matches his unique imagination and creative spirit. After selling some of his artwork, Aaron began to invest time and money in photography equipment to create the business ‘OneBloom Photography’ in 2005.

The timing of this was truly unfortunate. Aaron’s father passed away suddenly after Christmas in December 2005. This further motivated Aaron to quit the pursuit of marketing in College and direct his mourning toward creating something his father would truly be proud of.

Aaron’s fathers last words were ‘The light is everything’, in an email to Aaron. These words have rang through Aaron’s head since.

To hone this innate talent, Aaron pursued his formal education and training in photography at the Hallmark Institute of Photography, in Turners Falls, Massachusetts. An elite photography school that only accepts students with the desire to be the very best. In addition to learning the latest photographic techniques, Aaron learned that the expanding field of photography fuels his passion and feeds his soul more than any other art form. Aaron’s unique style and perspective also captivate those who experience his work.

This is particularly true of Aaron’s wedding and portrait work. Taking each shot from a slightly different perspective, Aaron captures the very essence of his subjects, depicting far more than meets the eye. Aaron captures raw emotions. Picture the joy of a growing family, the orneriness of a spirited child, or the tender adoration of a newly married couple. Through his distinctive style, Aaron shares his inspiration with others using state-of-the-art photographic techniques.

Talent. Education. Experience.

To expand his knowledge of the art of photography, Aaron attended the intensive Hallmark Institute of Photography program in Massachusetts where he learned a variety of photographic and post-production techniques and was certified upon graduation.

As a young man in love with his wife Shannon, Aaron enjoys photographing young couples in love. He not only feels a close bond with his clients, but he also carries a unique passion and perspective through to each photo.

“I love connecting with my clients and capturing the essence of their special day.” Aaron said after a recent wedding. “I know what love truly is and I bring that spark of love to the weddings I photograph.”


Aaron’s work has been featured in the Hallmark Museum of Contemporary Photography and is included in the Museum’s permanent collection. His work has also been published online with the Photographers of America and the Hallmark Institute. Sharing his work with prospective students, Aaron’s photos have been included in the promotional materials for the Hallmark Institute of Photography.

In addition to his love of portrait photography, Aaron is a talented commercial photographer and artist. Aaron also enjoys hiking, working on the business and spending time with good friends.

Aaron Potter currently calls Vancouver, Washington home and enjoys traveling all over the Pacific Northwest and beyond for photography assignments.