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November 14, 2016
Sunset over Florence, Italy, panoramic, sunset, city, florence, italy, high dynamic range, fine art

Florence, Italy.

This is my favorite panoramic ever. It happens to be over Florence, Italy. This night was quite simply one of the best nights of my life. I spent the evening enjoying the company of my wife while having an amazing time on a unforgettable 3 week trip to Europe. After I spent the evening photographing this, we couldn’t stop talking about how exciting the rest of the trip would be. We still had 5 more cities left! Our walk back can be traced in the photo down past to the left of the Duemo where we quickly fell asleep excited to continue our trip…


Prints may be purchased exclusively on an individual basis. Costs greatly vary as this is a very large panoramic. I can provide a closer crop to show the sharpness of this amazing image.

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March 02, 2016

 I wanted to get out an experience the once in a lifetime Blood Moon and create an image with a view – not just the moon itself. I drove for over an hour and a half and arrived very early to my spot. Slowly many other photographers started filing in. Drones too. Finally it happened. The shutters ‘click’ was almost non-stop. I stayed well after many other photographers had left. I used two cameras on tripods and my CamRanger to capture the shot without touching the camera using my iPhone and lots of extra battery power. By blending exposures manually and in Photomatix I was able to create an amazing image that I had dreamed of. I hope you enjoy.

For prints, please purchase here or contact me via the website.

I always find it incredible, looking back on the year. Time flies by… I find myself sitting here finding it hard to believe the amount of work it was. The dedication, the challenges, the people I’ve met, the stories, the love, the smiles, the tears, the places I’ve experienced…

I love my job. I love my job!

In 2005, I was writing my Dad back and fourth through some emails… we were working on a project for his business and I was doing the editing and design mock ups. My Dad was paying me a small amount to help. One night, he had shared a photo with me at sunset with his Dog’s running through the desert in the Tri-Cities. I woke up to a phone call in the morning. My Father had passed away.

I then opened my email from the night before that my father wrote to me. He said, ‘The light is everything.’

It affected my passion for photography deeply. I had already wrapped his present, I had made custom printed calendar of my artistic landscapes and still life and other conceptual work for 2006. I was even displaying my work online and in downtown Vancouver and began selling it.

I started my business that same month.

I hope to bring the last words my father wrote ‘The light is everything’ to my own work. With each year I find myself becoming closer to chasing that light and capturing it in the most beautiful ways I can find. Not every situation is ever the same. The challenges are all unique and not everything will go your way – but I’ve pushed hard to be where I am today. I’m so fortunate to be sitting here, looking back on my best year in business.

I truly can say that this year – I stuck to my goals of challenging myself – trying new things while shooting – having fun – enjoying life.

2016 will bring new challenges, excitement and new places. I’m excited for the journey ahead and the goals I have in place.

-Aaron Potter

Thank you for reading!

Big thank you and hugs to all the clients featured here that allow me to keep doing the best job on earth! You all rock and I truly am so incredibly thankful and blessed.

If you wish to book me for a session, please find more at

Here’s to 2016!

June 02, 2014

We recently took a trip to Arizona for some real estate commercial photography. We had one sunset to work with. The other evenings sunsets were spent shooting for work. It’s important as an artist to get out every so often and do some work for yourself. Along the way I met a great photographer Dave Dilli at Papago State Park. He has some fantastic work, it’s worth checking out if you have some time.

About the work:  I utilized a technique on a couple of these images that incorporated using a tripod, a remote a light meter and creating several raw captures. An HDR. I like to edit my HDR’s and I will sometimes use a set of HDR’s just for one scene if it’s required.

 This image was made using a series of 16 images. It was windy so I had to do some light photoshop work to remove some ghosting. I also increased contrast in some darker areas and brought in contrast where it was needed. I then removed flag poles, cars, signs, etc.

 A basic single exposure exercise. I liked the muted colors and low contrast of the scene.

 Some shadow play with the cactus and the thorns.

 I couldn’t believe the color of that beautiful cactus. Everything blooming, the sky just bouncing light back down onto the cactus. The windy sky made things look awesome here.

A classic tropical feeling silhouette.

wedding photography done at sunset along the pier in san fransisco

When I sit down to think about what 2013 meant to me, I’m overcome with so many memories.

I’ve met so many fantastic people that were willing to put me behind the lens. That’s trust. Trust that I’m going to be professional, creative, unique. And sometimes fun. Okay, a lot of fun. I love my job! These people are the people that afford me the opportunity to do what I love. For that, I respect them just as much as they have respected me by capturing important memories of their lives. Creating images that will last forever.

This was a record year for me. Not just in terms of business but also in terms of locations I visited and types of work I created. A first for me was shooting wedding number two for the same couple that was married I photographed in Portland, OR two years prior. The wedding was in San Francisco, CA. Also a first for me.

I’ve also been privileged to work on real estate projects with a local company. Capturing their properties in the best light. It’s been fantastic. Working on commercial work takes on a technical side and it involves a lot of editing and careful adjustments. It’s amazing what can be done by editing. I’ve really been able to use that side of my abilities.

 I’m so excited to say that 2014 is already on pace to shatter 2013. Thank you to all my clients, assistants, 2nd photographers, vendors and venues! My job wouldn’t be possible without all the love. Thank you everyone!

Wow. 2012. A year that was so busy with all types of creative photography sessions. Thank you to all our amazing clients. From the bottom of my heart. You make this more than just a job – it is truly a passion. I’ve been looking forward to writing this post. The last month of the year – December was crazy we had three weddings in one weekend!

The 30 Images had several specifications: Happiness, moments, fun, creative, lighting, memories, unique, Not too many from ONE session or event, trying not to exclude anyone (sorry not every session or person is included!). It was literally impossible to include everything. We wanted a balance of things to show. Last year was all weddings – and this year we managed to include engagement and even some personal work. So many events/sessions were amazing and I wanted to add so many!

2012 is the year I focused on client satisfaction and creating a relationship. We did silent auctions, donated to charity and many of you might have noticed us staying a little longer for your wedding or portrait session. Trying to go the extra mile. Satisfaction. Happiness. Delivery. Delivering images that aren’t just ‘ok’. Images from sessions and weddings that are edited, touched up, finished, polished, finalized. I’ve spent more time this year holding a mouse editing than I have holding a camera. Exceeding expectations. I was focused on delivering more than just images that were seen on our blog or Facebook posts. Our clients were receiving images that were all edited and a lot of ‘bonuses’. It takes a lot of time to edit an image, more time than it takes to capture it. But it takes even more time to find a awesome client. Thank you to all our amazing clients. We hope that you will think of us in 2013.

2013 is holds new equipment, new techniques, new creative insight. More locations, more fantastic clients and more motivation. Motivation comes from so many sources, music, videos, photography, art, even being prepared to take on new challenges. This means taking care of everything and being bored so you go out and fight to find a new hill to climb!

I have established a base of clients that trusts me to capture and create images how I believe they should be captured. I found that in 2012 my clients trusted me and let me be creative. This opened so many doors and I’ve never felt so free. Without restriction – everything creative in me just flowed freely.

A first. This year we booked a wedding for May 2013 in San Francisco. This is actually a return wedding client – from Chicago, who we photographed their wedding in Portland, Oregon in 2011. Awesome! For 2013 we are shooting weddings in places we’ve been referred from or places that are showing our images without our knowledge. We are returning to wedding venues and getting referrals from people we’ve never met. The love is getting stronger!

If you’ve read this far – your either a photographer or a client, maybe a potential client, maybe a wedding planner! 2013 is the year we are going to compete. Enter competitions, magazines and bridal shows. With the competition in Portland being so fierce, we have to stand out. We have. We’ve already surpassed our goal for 2013.

Here’s to 2013. We’ll see you at the finish line!

August 12, 2012

For this years Crusin’ the Gut I wanted to step things up a notch. Last years photos were used in some promotion for the event in the newspaper and some flyers. You can checkout last years photos on the blog here.

Crusin’ the Gut is a smorgasbord of cars. Hot Rods, Classics, Trucks and highly modified custom built rigs. The streets of Main Street were lined with people of all ages. Loud exhaust and the smell of burning oil and gasoline fill the air. The sun is beaming down on everything. My goal was to capture the light in a unique way. I wanted to show a sense of what the event was like, by also sharing it the way I view light. I hope everyone can enjoy these photos.

Checkout these images and then head on over to the gallery for more!

Please, feel free to use these images for personal use. However, DO NOT crop them, re-size them, edit them, remove the logo/watermark or alter the photos in anyway.

If you are interested in purchasing the photos or obtaining a digital copy please contact us. You can also purchase a photo from the gallery. All photos purchased will be edited and the watermark/logo will be removed.

































We have done aerial photography in that past over central Massachusetts, but we wanted to do something a little more extensive and personal. The shoot began mid-afternoon leaving Vancouver, Washington from the Pearson Airfield and out to the Oregon Coast. to Astoria, Oregon then Seaside Oregon and a bit further over the Oregon Coastal Mountain Range. Then back over to Mt. St. Helens and over Vancouver to the airport again. We had an amazing trip and it was thanks to our awesome and generous pilot that we were able to enjoy such awesome views. It’s so hard to capture images moving at over 120 mph at 1,000 – 3,000 feet. But almost anything is beautiful from this height and takes on a whole new character. These images were shot through plexiglass with our 70-200 2.8 Nikkor lens. After carefully editing in photoshop to bring out the most detail in each image, we wanted to share with everyone what we saw. This was one of those personal projects that was done just for fun. It was an awesome escape from the ordinary and was a reminder of why we love photography. Thank you Frank!


August 02, 2011

Crusin’ the Gut is Vancouver, Washington’s tribute to old classic cars. Stretching down Main Street, people line the streets and enjoy good food and drinks to watch an era that was filled with beautiful cars. Revvin’ engines abound and plenty of pets, classic music from the 60’s pours out into the streets from nearby businesses who are participating in the event. It’s a wonderful opportunity to get involved with the community and enjoy the beauty of the American car culture.

For more pictures, visit the online gallery at:

If you would like to use the images here or in the gallery, please do. Just keep the logo/watermark on the image, no cropping or editing.