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November 23, 2015

Ashley + Matt’s Wedding at the Elysian Ballroom, Portland, Oregon.

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Matt proposed to me on February 1st, 2014 on our 5 year anniversary. We
were at home all dressed up to go out when he sat me down and told me how much he loved me. I
don’t know when I realized what he was doing, but I couldn’t pay attention to what he was
saying, only the look on his face. I had thought a proposal was still a year or two away, but now I
know those years would’ve been unnecessary. The time was right, and we feel that even stronger
now after our wedding.


I wanted our wedding to feel cozy and warm, like a holiday or a family
reunion. I was excited for all the personal time I would get to spend with my momma and both
my sisters. Although the ceremony and the rest of the evening would be for Matt and I, I knew
the morning would be an important time spent with all of the most important women in my life!
Besides that I knew I wanted lots of gold, soft lighting, and an overall botanical feel.


My planning process consisted of trying to stick to our theme, then
deciding to just do what I wanted, then getting frustrated and calling my momma. My mom
would then tell me to do what made me happy and give me ideas of how to do that while also
staying cohesive. I owe a huge thank you to my momma of course! She helped me decorate my
centerpieces (especially the gold mason jars, which she did entirely) and got all the lights for the
table decor. Matt’s mom made many last minute craft store trips for tiny details and found the
ribbon for our cake and the cloche for our cake topper.


We looked at a dozen venues before we found The Elysian Ballroom. We loved it
instantly, and all the colors and decor matched our theme! The bridal and groom suites were
decorated in green and blue, and the chairs, tables, and silverware were even gold! The ballroom
is breathtaking with rows of crystal chandeliers and yards of lights and tulle across the ceiling.
The best part of renting The Elysian, however, was working with Mike Piper of An Affair to
Remember. He was remarkably professional and organized, and handled our catering, flowers,
and ceremony with ease. He was more than happy to listen to our wishes for the day and make
them happy, or provide lots of ideas if we were stumped! Our wedding went amazingly smooth,
and I attribute that in big part to Mike!


My dress was a Sincerity Bridal dress I found at Charlotte’s Weddings in
Portland. The part I fell in love with first was the chevron ruching on the bodice and the pleated,
champagne colored satin draped around the waist, which featured a silk flower with pearls.
From there it flowed into a chiffon, chapel length train. Although it was virtual the opposite of
what I had envisioned it was perfect, and it was the one I choose! My momma got it for me as
part of my wedding gift.


I never wear heels, but made a stubborn decision to order a gorgeous pair of
Vera Wang booties with 3.5” heels! I practiced walking in them and felt confident, but the day of
I quickly had to ditch them. Our first look pictures featured me walking down a winding
staircase with Matt at the bottom, and I barely made it down! On the way back up I had to stop
several times because I was repeatedly stepping on the underside of my dress and ripping it.
Luckily I had bought a pair of adorable Blue by Betsey Johnson sandals with pearl and crystal
straps for the reception, so I still had beautiful shoes.


The jewelry I chose was based around one of my mother’s pearl
necklaces. It was a short string of white pearls she had received from my father when they were
younger, and it went perfect with my sweetheart neckline. My earrings were a birthday gift from
Matt’s mother the year before and had a gold teardrop accent on the earlobe and a Honora pearl
hanging from each. My biggest piece of jewelry was a gold hair piece that had two strings of
pearls which laid across my forehead. It attached on each side with two little combs with crystal
and gold feathers. I found the piece at Etsy. Shop: GildedShadows


Both my hair and makeup were done by the lovely Oksana at Blowout: A
Blow Dry Bar (at the Pearl District location). For hair we decided to have it down with lots of
curls so it would look romantic but not compete with my hairpiece. My hair is very straight and
flat, but Oksana did an excellent job of styling it so that it lasted most of the evening! For
makeup we focused mainly on my eyes. She did a stunning gold cat eye with fake lashes and tons
of mascara. Besides that we did light blush and lipstick. <<< Ask for Oksana!!


Matt found his tux at Mr. Formal. He picked out a classic black tux with
aqua colored vest and matching pocket square and bow tie. His groomsmen wore the same,
except they had regular neckties. Matt also had blue and black cuff links, which were a gift from
his mom.


We wanted our wedding favours to be fun and edible! We were excited when Matt’s mom suggested personalized M&M’s and ordered them as a gift. We chose blue,
gold, and pearl for the colors and had them imprinted with our names, the wedding date, and
cute pictures. His mom found pretty gold drawstring bags to put them in, and also surprised us
with little pieces of pumpkin bread in blue paper birdcages she found online to go with our


All my floral arrangements (including my bouquet) were created by Mike
Piper of An Affair to Remember. I owe him a HUGE thank you! I provided him with flowers I
liked and inspiration photos, and at our meeting he provided lots of options to go with my ideas.
He even took us to his flower cooler at his office so I could see some examples! We decided my
bouquet would have lots of white calla lilies, dahlias, roses, and hydrangeas, with green
hypericum berries and lots of leaves so it would have tons of texture and interest. My
bridesmaids bouquets were mostly the same except without the calla lilies. Matt and his
groomsmen had boutonnieres with calla lilies and berries, as did the corsages both our mothers
and grandmothers wore. The centerpieces on the guest tables were gold urns filled with
hydrangeas and leaves, and the head table had towering candelabras with lots of hanging green
amaranths. I was amazed with what Mike was able to create for me, it was all stunning.


Matt found an inspiration photo online that included our colors. It was a white
three tier cake with quilted fondant and aqua ribbons, topped with a cascade of bright, gorgeous
aqua colored stargazer and calla lilies. We provided this picture to Helen Bernhard’s Bakery and
they were able to replicate it EXACTLY. The inspiration cake used real flowers, but the sugar
flowers they crafted for us were impeccable. For flavors we did carrot cake with cream cheese
filling in the top, pink champagne with berry french cream in the middle (which was my
favorite!), and red velvet with fudge filling on the bottom. Our cake topper I found on
They were custom made polymer clay love birds? the bride was white with a large robins egg blue
rose on her head and the groom was the blue with a white tie and tiny boutonniere! Matt’s mom
found a cute little cloche to display them on the cake with. Shop: LavaGifts


Luckily for us we already knew an excellent wedding photographer: Aaron Potter of OneBloom Photography!

Aaron has been a friend of ours for years (and happens to be the brother in-law of Matt’s best man, Kevin) but he’s been a professional in the
field for nearing a decade. We looked at one or two other photographers to make sure we weren’t
being biased, but we were already well aware of the quality and innovation of Aaron’s work. We
were excited that such a big element of our wedding day would be handled by someone we knew
and trusted! Our decision was the right one, he brought all of our professionalism and creativity
to our big day. He handled the time frame we had available for photos with ease, and directed us
every step of the way. He came with a variety of photo options that fit us and the beauty of our
venue perfectly! It’s not lost on Matt and I that we put a lot of responsibility on Aaron’s
shoulders as not only a photographer, but also as a friend. We knew we’d love the end result


I found our invitations on I chose the “Bold
Flower” design with a dark blue background and bright red and orange flowers. I loved the fall
color scheme and ordered a speckled brown craft envelopes with gold liners to go with them. In a
moment of inspiration I had picked up wedding themed stamps at JoAnn’s (including an
adorable bride and groom bird stamp which started the bird theme in our wedding) and stamped
all the wedding and RSVP envelopes by hand.


Mike Piper and his staff at An Affair to Remember took care of catering our
wedding. I told Matt he could be in charge of food, so of course we ended up having tri tip steak!
My steak was cooked perfect the night of, and everyone I asked agreed. The sides were pasta
primavera, scalloped potatoes, and ceasar and Northwest salads. I was personally most excited
for the appetizers we chose to serve during cocktail hour (curried chicken salad in phyllo cups,
gazpacho shots, and spinach spanikopitas) but unfortunately was busy and ended up not able to
have any. HOWEVER, when I mentioned this to one of the waiters he made to sure to find us
several of each and brought them to us with dinner. Although I don’t know his name (and he was
probably hoping to avoid a bridezilla situation), thank you whoever you were! We finished the
dinner toasting with prosecco (Botter Prosecco Frizzante Spago to be exact), which I chose
because my older sister, Erin, had had prosecco the year before at her wedding and I loved it!


We took a “minimoon” and spent 4 days in Seaside, Oregon. Our
intention was to save up and take a larger, more tropical honeymoon within a year. However, by
the end of our trip we both felt that the time spent in Seaside will always be remembered as our
genuine honeymoon. We stayed at The Seaside Oceanfront Inn, which had a cozy cottage feel and
was located right on the boardwalk. We were blessed with 95 degree weather our first two days
and were able to actually play on the beach and in the ocean (which anyone who has ever been to
a PNW beach knows is near impossible)! One of our favorite parts was our leftover wedding
cake, which we were able to take with us and finished on our honeymoon! We had wedding cake
every night when we came back from dinner!


When I asked Matt he said his favorite moment was up at the
alter, especially during our vows. I was most emotional going down the stairs to meet Matt for
our first look. I hadn’t been nervous the entire morning until I saw him waiting at the bottom. I
remember when he turned around he looked super nervous, but we were both relieved to see
each other finally. I also had fun with my dad waiting to walk down the aisle. It was really the
only private moment I had with my poppa the day of the wedding, and we laughed the whole way
down because neither of us could really remember what to do!


Our wedding day had barely seemed to start before it was
over. Odds are you’ve both spent months (or years) being stressed about your wedding, so do
yourselves a favor and make a decision to let everything go how it goes and enjoy the result of all
your hard work and love. Remind your family to do the same!


OUR MOMS!!! They both rode shotgun in our emotional
year and a half engagement! If I listed all of the things, big and small, they helped us with it
would go to the moon! Our sisters (and the whole family!) showered us with love and support!
My sisters, Erin and Amber, were my Matron and Maid of Honor, and supported me the entire
year. They made sure I took time to enjoy being a bride! Matt’s sister, Laura, helped us keep our
sense of humor! Matt’s groomsmen helped him keep calm the day of. As for our vendors, Mike
Piper and his team at An Affair to Remember and Aaron Potter of OneBloom Photography were
our two smartest decisions! Mike Piper was a dream to work with and his organization was
impressive, to say the least. Aaron Potter was also a smart decision, both as a professional and an
artist! Our day was our day, but we had help from too many people to count. Mostly family, but
we also encountered incredible customer service along the way from a number of vendors and

November 20, 2015

Renee + John’s Wedding

A beautiful Oregon Wine Country Wedding during Autumn at the beautiful Lenne Estate Winery.

The reception: Mountain Park Clubhouse Lake, Oswego, Oregon.

(please be patient for the images to load, grab a drink of water perhaps?)


November 15, 2015

Amanda + Colin’s Wedding at the Oregon Golf Club in West Linn, Oregon

(for best results please view gallery full-screen and be patient for the images to load)


Colin and I had talked about getting married for a while. Early on in our relationship when we first started dating we started talking about the possibility of marriage. I asked Colin if he felt like proposing to me when did he think would be a good time frame. He said about a year, I was shocked. I told him that I believe if he was ever going to propose to me that we should be dating for at least 2-3 years. We both felt marriage should be taken seriously and we both wanted our marriage to last. I always wondered how someone can really know that the person they were dating was “the one” without having time be a factor. Well I got my answer to that question. When they say you know that someone is “the one” and it feels right and you’re madly in love and this person is your soulmate, you can’t imagine your life without them and you want to spend the rest of your life with them, that’s when you know. Well I knew, and I felt all those things and more for Colin. So wouldn’t you know it around the year mark in our relationship, I told Colin I knew that I loved him and wanted to spend the rest of my life with him, so my original time frame of when to propose didn’t matter anymore and he could propose to me if he felt like it and that I would say yes. So I thought I was always being subtle about a proposal and engagement ring when I started dropping him hints. According to him he got the picture loud and clear when I started researching wedding venues, themes, and colors. Not to mention the wedding magazines and the constant pinning of wedding ideas on Pinterest. I knew he wanted to marry me and he always said he would propose when the time was right. The year he proposed, Halloween was on a Thursday and we both had that Friday off. So Thursday evening after all the trick or treaters had slowed down and come to an end was when he decided to tell me that I should go to bed early and get some sleep. I told him I was planning on it since I was babysitting our niece early the next morning. He stopped what he was doing and told me that I could not watch her tomorrow. I asked him why and he said that it was a surprise. I told him that I had already made the commitment to watch her and could not back out of it at 8:30pm when she was going to be there at 8am the next morning. He then called his mother and asked her if she could watch our niece for me, she said yes and just like that my Friday was free. Now I like surprises, but I’m a nosy person and I always want to know what’s going on. The only hint he would give me was that I would be waking up early, 5am to be exact; and that I would need to dress warm and that I could sleep in the car on the way there. I said ok, so the guessing game began. My first instinct was to guess the beach or the mountain. I was wrong on both of them. I was excited and honestly never once thought the whole time that he was going to propose. Colin was always surprising me with romantic things and adventures and I just thought this was another one of them. We drove for 3 hours and finally ended up in Redmond, Oregon. We drove on a semi deserted dirt road and eventually turned into a parking place that had a mountain biking track and an RC air strip for remote control airplanes. Needless to say I was stumped on what we were doing. While Colin just told me to wait and be patient as he smiled and laughed at my confusion. Shortly after we parked a black SUV pulled in and drove out onto the empty air strip pulling a large closed trailer. Colin got out and I followed as we walked up to the guy who greeted us from the SUV. He shook Colin’s hand and told him that they were going to set up now and it would be about 15-20 minutes before we were ready to head out. The guys from the SUV then proceeded to unload the trailer and pulled out a large basket. Colin at that point asked me if I had another guess. I sat there and had an idea, but didn’t want to voice it since I wasn’t really positive myself, so I said no. He teased me and asked if I really couldn’t figure it out and I said why don’t you tell me. He was surprising me with a hot air balloon ride! Sure enough, out came the big balloon tarp. I was so excited and we both loved watching the hot air balloon get set up and inflated. Shortly after it was fully inflated it was time for takeoff. It was just Colin and I, along with the pilot of course and we flew over Redmond, Oregon. We took in beautiful views of Smith Rock, Mt. Bachelor, Mt. Adams, and the Three Sisters. The scenery was gorgeous and stunning all around us as the sun continued to rise higher in the sky on that cool crisp morning. And then it happened. Right as the right as the balloon ride was nearing the end. Colin got down on one knee in the basket, said the most amazing words to me and gave me the most beautiful and intimate proposal I could ever ask or wish for. We will never forget that morning on November 1st.


Since Colin proposed in a hot air balloon, we knew we wanted to tie that into our wedding. Both of our vision for the day was soft, romantic and elegant while also incorporating things that were personal to us about our relationship. We ended up going with blush, gold, different soft shades of periwinkle blue and ivory for our wedding colors to help bring in the soft, romantic, elegant theme we wanted. We ended up incorporating roses and hot air balloons to help bring in our vision for our wedding, while also tying in several personal touches.


We had 15 months to plan our wedding, from the time we chose our venue and date. We took our time finding and researching different wedding vendors to decide who we wanted to hire. By March we had almost all of our vendors for our wedding day booked. By the beginning of summer we kind of slowed down on the wedding planning because we became so burned out and exhausted. When they say planning a wedding is work, they really are not joking. Because we were so ahead of the planning in the beginning we became more relaxed towards the end only to realize how much more smaller details needed to be decided. We also had some DIY projects that had been put off until the very last minute so up until the day before and even the day of the wedding we were still finishing last minute things. Our friends and family really stepped up to help us in those last few days. On the day of our wedding we had beautiful weather, the sun was shining and the skies were blue. Of course, about an hour before the wedding was to start Mother Nature had different plans and the rain came down hard. It stopped long enough to walk down the aisle and get through the beginning of our ceremony. So with all that hard work and planning we had to make last minute changes and rearrange almost our entire timeline for the day. Thank goodness we did our research and hired amazing wedding vendors who adapted quickly and had solutions. They took care of everything and not once during our day did we have to stress or worry about anything. Even though the wedding planning process was stressful and exhausting at times, in the end when it all comes together on your wedding day it’s all worth it.


We spent 8 months looking for our wedding venue. It felt like we looked everywhere. We had our vision for the wedding and we wanted our ceremony to be out doors and have some sort of outdoor reception that was going to also be a protector against what we assumed would be hot sunny weather. Although on our wedding day it was still warm, we had some unexpected rain. We ended up taking a week vacation up to Seattle to look at venues there and the surrounding area. Going up there helped us to get a fresh set of eyes almost when it came to looking at venues in the surrounding Portland and Vancouver area. We came back home with two days left in our vacation and scheduled two more venues to look at. The very last one we looked at was The Oregon Golf Club. It had everything we were looking for. It had a beautiful outdoor rose garden that we could have our ceremony in and an enclosed pavilion with drapes and glass windows and doors surrounding two thirds of the walls to look out onto the rose garden and beautiful surrounding mountains and trees. Food was also important to Colin; he really wanted the food to taste good. So before we booked with The Oregon Golf Club we had a small tasting of the menu selection. If we weren’t already sold on the venue, tasting the food sealed the deal. Our venue was so professional and easy to work with we loved it. The venues staff on our wedding day was very attentive and the service was great. Right before we walked down the aisle we had a break in the rain and the staff wiped down all the chairs so our guest could sit on dry seats. During our ceremony it started to rain and it began coming down heavier. We had originally planned to have our cocktail hour outside on the lawn with tray passed hors d’oeuvres but the rain changes our plans the staff was able to adjust quickly when we moved it into the reception quickly and they had towels waiting for our guests to use to dry off. We really appreciated our venue and all of the staff who helped make our last minute change of plans run smoothly.


My dress was a beautiful ivory strapless sweetheart neckline trumpet gown with alencon lace and tulle. There were also embroidered appliques all over and an embellishment that came right below the hip. I loved it and felt so beautiful and comfortable in my dress which was really important for me.


My cousin ended up finding ivory lace flats for me to wear. They went perfectly with the dress and were not expensive and comfortable, which I really loved.


For my wedding day jewelry Colin had purchased diamond and pearl earrings with a matching pendant for me to wear a few months before our wedding. They were beautiful and elegantly simple. Nothing flashy that would overpower my entire look. They were a perfect complement to my wedding dress. I had a gold and pearl head piece and a pearl belt to wear on my wedding dress. My veil was a circle lace veil that cascaded beautifully down my shoulders and arms. I also had pearl and gold earrings for my bridesmaid to wear. My wedding band and engagement ring had been custom designed by Colin and I custom designed his wedding band, which we wore after the ceremony.


Jasmine with Blossom and Beauty did not only me, but my bridesmaids, mother, mother-in-law, and grandmother’s hair and makeup. She did an amazing job and my hair and makeup was still perfectly in place even after the rain. For my hair we did a vintage soft curls and I had a natural blush and gold makeup done. I felt so confident and beautiful on my wedding day, I wish Jasmine did my hair and makeup every day! She was recommended to me by Aaron and I would highly recommend her to anyone else who needs hair and makeup done for anything.


Colin chose a Calvin Klein tuxedo with a gold vest and pocket square. The groomsmen and father of the Bride wore the same matching tuxedo as Colin, only the groomsmen had light blue vests and pocket squares. My father wore a silver mauve vest and pocket square to not only stand out from the groomsmen but to also match my mother’s dress.


My aunt has a special chocolate chip cookie recipe. She only makes the cookies once a year at Christmas. Here cookies are my absolute favorite! So I asked her if she would make them for my wedding favors. She ended up baking about 500 cookies and my bridal party put them together with a mini Heath candy bar in cellophane tied bags that were placed on the plates on the wedding guest tables. She even had a big bag of cookies made for Colin and I to have in our hotel suite the night of the wedding.


Stacey’s Flowers did our gorgeous wedding flowers. They were truly breathtaking. She made a huge lush bridal bouquet for me and my bridesmaids incorporating all of our wedding colors. On my bridal bouquet she even had a silk daffodil placed in the center of the bouquet that represented the first flower Colin had ever given me, so that I could have it as a keepsake for after the wedding. We had three different types of centerpieces. We had smaller centerpieces in a round gold bowl with overflowing flowers. Our larger and taller centerpieces we did two different types. One was a large cylinder vase with flowers overflowing from the top and hanging in the clear cylinder vase was a miniature hot air balloon with an open rose floating on the bottom. The last centerpiece, I told her I wanted something with candles. We were already going to have tons of votive candles around the centerpieces on the tables but I really wanted something extra. I wanted the candles to glow at night and stand out when it got darker in the evening. I also thought it would really bring in the romantic vision we had. So I showed Stacey a candle centerpiece that I found on Pinterest and I asked her if we could do that. She asked if she could make some changes to it and I said yes. Her version of the picture on Pinterest I showed her turned out a 100 times better! I loved all of our centerpieces and flowers for the wedding, and I know all my guests were blown away. They truly were spectacular! We also hired Stacey as our day of coordinator and she was amazing to work with. She is so sweet and bubbly, it’s hard not to be happy and have a good time around her. Like I said we had unexpected rain that changed almost all of our plans for the wedding and she executed the changes flawlessly. She really did take care of everything. If there was a problem, we never knew about it. With all the last minute changes that happened we were not stressed or worried at all and she allowed us to have our special day and moments with each other and our family and friends, we were really grateful to have her.


Simply Sweets by Jen did our wedding cake. We loved it! We were having a really hard time trying to figure out how to incorporate our wedding theme with the hot air balloons into our cake. Some bakeries had told us to figure out a design and then they would bake it! So when we sat down with Simply Sweets we told the cake designer and Jen we told them that we wanted to make it personal with a hot air balloon and flowers with daffodils. They sketched out a design that we fell in love with immediately. We had a four tiered wedding cake; each later was a different shade of our color blue with the top and bottom tier having a gold ribbon. The two center tiers had ivory flowers cascading down with a few daffodils and then peeking out behind the flowers were mountains to represent the mountains we saw when Colin proposed. On the top tier we had a blush, gold and ivory fondant hot air balloon. Our colors and personal touches were incorporated perfectly into our wedding cake, Simply Sweets really did do an amazing job!


After the wedding venue our wedding photographer was the next thing on our list. We knew we didn’t want to rush into finding a wedding photographer so we took our time researching different photographers and comparing them. We had that comparison list down to three that we were going to choose from. We were almost certain we had our wedding photographer, when we decided to go to the Clark County Fair. While there we walked through the fairgrounds and vendors booths there and that is when we first saw Aaron with OneBloom Photography. His booth was striking and caught our attention from a distance so we went over and took a look. We were blown away by his images, they were breathtaking! We could feel Aaron’s passion for his profession and his love of photography showed in the images that he took. So we set up a meeting with him and a few days after that meeting we booked him as our wedding photographer! We were so excited and we knew we were going to have amazing wedding photos. We had our engagement photos taken with Aaron as well and we used one of the images for our save the dates. We loved our engagement photos so much; we already couldn’t wait to see the wedding photos. On the day of the wedding Aaron and his second photographer were early and so comfortable to be around. We have never had our photos taken professionally as a couple and we felt like we were going to be awkward and not know what to do. Having our engagement session with Aaron helped us to break the ice and so for the wedding we were a little more comfortable. He guided us through our wedding photos and took some candid shots as well. During our ceremony and reception he was there for all of our events and he was not intrusive at all, at some points we kind of forgot he was there. Before our wedding day we had sent Aaron a timeline of what our entire wedding day schedule and events would look like and what time they would occur, well Mother Nature decided that the beautiful sunshine weather we had all morning and afternoon was going to turn into rain right before the ceremony. It threw off our timeline and we had to change things on a whim. Aaron was so professional and able to think on the spot and go with the flow. What could have been stressful for us, turned out to be a breeze. He was on point and so adaptable, we knew we hired an amazing professional photographer, that even with the rain we were not worried at all about our images. We have so much confidence in him that we knew our photos were in good hands. During the wedding we told Aaron that since our plans have changed for the images we were planning on getting, let’s have fun and take some fun photos that are creative and artsy like the photos he had on display on his blog and in his booth at the fair. The next thing we knew we were being pulled out for some night photos with sparklers! We had so much fun working with Aaron. We know our pictures are going to be amazing. When you hire someone with so much passion and talent, it shows in their images. When the years have gone by and past since our wedding, all we will have is our wedding photos to look at to remember our wedding day, and Aaron was the one to give that to us, that alone is truly a special gift.


Beautiful Wedding Announcements designed and printed our wedding invitations and save the date magnets. We were able to communicate through email and phone on the design aspect and we loved how they turned out. I honestly thought it would be harder communicating what we wanted without meeting in person but the designers there were really easy to work with and they sent us out samples to look at so we could actually feel and touch the paper before we decided. They were able to take our concept design and execute it beautifully. For our wedding programs we didn’t have enough time to have them designed and shipped out to us, but they have us the same artwork as clip art in our wedding colors and also in black and grey to use. My Mother-In-Law was able to take the clip art they sent us and mirror our invitations perfectly with our programs that she put together for us the week before our wedding. They turned out great and we loved them.


The Oregon Golf Club provided our food and drinks for the wedding. Several months before the wedding, they had a tasting event where other couples and some family could come and taste some examples of the wedding menu. They served several options for us to taste buffet style that it really helped us to decide what we wanted to serve on our wedding day. For the wedding we chose a plated option and our guests had salad and bread to go with their entrees. Each guest had three different menu selections to choose from. Their options were a vegetarian option of pan seared gnocchi; herb roasted chicken in a bacon sauce served with roasted red potatoes, and filet mignon with a bacon demi glaze sauce and garlic mashed potatoes. The food was amazing and so tasty! For our cake table they had chocolate covered strawberries surrounding it for the guest to take with their slice of cake. During happy hour we had a cheese display put out and for drinks we hosted an open bar with alcohol and sodas. Our guests were also provided with coffee and punch as well if they choose. The wait staffs for our reception were so professional and attentive, they did a great job.


For our honeymoon we choose to spend two weeks in Hawaii, with the first week being in Maui, and the second week being on Kauai! On Maui we had a white four door jeep wrangler which was so nice to have during our Road to Hana rod trip. We took a snorkeling excursion to Molokini Creater to swim with some beautiful colorful fish. One night we took a sunset dinner cruise and saw dolphins. We took in a Laua at the Hyatt. We also found out that right outside our hotel’s beach was Turtle Town, so we took our snorkel gear and went out and saw several sea turtles! They were so graceful and they just swim right beside you. On our last day in Maui we took in a local comedy and magic show at Warren and Annabell’s. After Maui, we headed over to Kauai. There we took a helicopter ride and flew over Waimea Canyon and the Napali coast. In that one helicopter ride we flew over almost all of Kauai since we found out most of Kauai isn’t accessible on the ground, it breathtaking to see how beautiful Kauai was from the air. We took a historical tour of Grove Farm and the Kauai Coffee Plantation. We went up and took a tubing excursion through a 100 year old sugar plantation. On our last day we both went zip lining for the first time, what an exhilarating rush that was! We had so much fun and it was so nice to get away and have that time together as newlyweds and to experience all those new adventures together.


Our most memorable moment during our wedding was our ceremony and saying our vows. All though it rained on us, we didn’t care. Those last 15 months all came down to that one moment where we were standing together at the end of the aisle to become husband and wife. I loved having that moment to walk down the aisle with my father as he gave me away and placed my hand in Colin’s. Colin had his moment walking down the aisle with his mother to a surprise piano and violin cover of the Star Wars theme song. We watched our young niece drop rose petels down the aisle with some assistance. And my mother who escorted our ring bearers, who were our two mini aussie, border collie mixed dogs Riley and Roscoe. They had little bow ties on and yes, they actually had a pillow tied to their harness with the rings attached. We had a Catholic ceremony and we read our personal vows that we wrote to each other and then we went right into our traditional Catholic vows and prayers and readings that we both picked out and chose. Everything about our Ceremony was personal and we loved it.


Where do we begin, first breathe. Even though wedding planning can be stressful at times, remember why you’re getting married in the first place. Don’t let every moment be about the wedding, take those date nights as a couple for yourselves and allow yourself to get away. Do your research on your wedding vendors. Great wedding vendors really make the different on your wedding day. Let people help you when they offer it. Especially friends and family, this was a hard on for me, since I admit I can be kind of a control freak at times. If I had taken my friends and family’s help for things on some stuff earlier, I wouldn’t have been so far behind towards the end and so stressed out, when I really needed the help. Thank goodness, we have amazing friends and family who all helped pitch in the night before and even on the day of the wedding to help us finish some things. They all even helped set up the reception without being asked, and they all did amazing. I wish I had asked for help earlier rather than try to take it all on myself. If you don’t hire a wedding planner, do what we did and hire a Day of Coordinator, trust me ours was amazing and she was worth every penny. Remember that unexpected rain, yeah she helped take care of everything so we were never stressed and worried at all. If there was an issue or problem we never heard about it, so we were able to enjoy ourselves. Which leads us to the last piece of advice, go with the flow. We were not expecting rain on our wedding day, and even though it did indeed rain, we never let that bother us. Be happy, it’s your wedding day, you’re marrying the love of your life and all that matters is the two of you. Things may not always go according to your carefully thought out plans, but if you accept the changes and choose to live in your joyous moment, and not let the small things ruin your special day then none of that small stuff will matter. It’s about the two of you, so congrats and enjoy your moment!


This is tough; all of our vendors were amazing and so great to work with! Our music with John Ross Music Productions was amazing to work with; we were able to have wonderful live music during our ceremony, cocktail hour, and dinner. Afterwards they switched to DJ music to help get people on the dance floor. Aaron with OneBloom Photography and Lance with Watts Films were able to quickly adapt to our sudden change of plans and capture some great images and video for us to have. Of course our amazing flowers and centerpieces were showstoppers and that was all due to Stacey Young with Stacey’s Flowers. She was also our Day of Coordinator and took care of everything. Words cannot express the gratitude we have for you, for really taking a potentially stressful situation, and turning it into a stress-free memorable night for us, thank you. Our wedding venue and the staff that helped put our wedding together did a great job. The Oregon Golf Club provided us with an amazing place to get married and of course some really great food for our bellies. Jen at Simply Sweets for creating the most beautiful wedding cake we have ever seen. A special thank you to Fr. Maxy and Fr. Tom who helped us with our wedding ceremony and to help guided us through our journey together as an engaged couple. Jasmine with Blossom and Beauty who did my hair and makeup before it rained, you did it so well that it withstood all that rain during the ceremony and I still looked and felt amazing. Our Parents and bridal party really stepped up and helped us. We felt your love and support throughout our entire process. Thank you to everyone who helped make our day so special and memorable, you were all truly amazing and deserve a lot of credit for helping make our wedding day. Really, thank you!

Links to all who made the day so special:



Flowers / Event Planning:




October 19, 2015

Brad and Alli’s Wedding at The Columbia River Yacht Club

Portland, Oregon

September 5th, 2015.

(Best viewed full-screen, Gallery Can Be Shared, Please be patient for these large images to load – it’s worth it!)


Bradly and I had talked about marriage for quite some time when started to looked at rings the Summer of 2014. I had shown him probably million different rings. On August 15th Bradly surprised me with back pack for school as early birthday present. I didn’t expect much ear from him for my birthday. The morning of August 20th 9 days before my birthday. Bradly woke me up around 6:30Am he was getting out if the shower asking new to get his snowboard boots. I got up not questioning and got his boots, as he’s standing there but naked he tells me there is something in there for me, I reach down and pulled out a box and open it. It was empty, I looked at and and if this was sick joke. He quickly said its in the other one swear. reached down to the other boot and pulled or another box and opened it to find a beautiful three stone ring, he said it was perfect because the ring meant past, present, and future. It was perfect!


Since I was little I dreamt about my wedding day. All I wanted was a fairy tale of my own a classic elegant affair with our family and friends… And of course a party! Bradly is very classic and old fashion and I love history and its culture so we decided to have a themed 1920’s Great Gatsby wedding. We both have pretty large families and are blessed with A lot of friends so our guest list was around 200. Our bridal party consisted of 16 of our closest friends (some siblings).


We started Planning as soon as we got engaged giving us a full year to get things figured out and boy am I glad I took all that time and used it wisely. A year goes by fast! Daron Deonier helped me organize my vision to really create something beautiful. We came up with the colors deep red, blush pink and gold! Later Gina Lindstrom came on board to really get the major planning out of the way, what a life saver. None of this would have been possible without my incredible parents Eric and Cynthia, they really went above and beyond!


We looked at a few venues and I originally had my heart set on a big red barn. After weeks of looking, I didn’t love anything. My mom suggest the yacht club where they were members and I hadn’t even thought about it but it was a good idea. We went and looked, not like I Hadn’t seen it a million times. Brad’s family loved to fish, work on boats, and be in the water and papa Kirby was buried there so it Just seemed perfect. Columbia River Yacht Club, Portland, Oregon


When I walked into the dress shop I knew exactly what I was Looking for. The classic fit and flare with lace and tulle. I picked all kinds of dresses out of all different styles But I saw this one And knew it might be it. I tried about six dresses on and save my favorite for last. When I tried my favorite on, as soon as I stepped out of the dressing room I knew it was the one. A simple fit and flare with lace that dwindled down into tulle from the Davids bridal collection.


When looking at shoes Bradly asked aren’t you going to wear ruby slippers? Wizard of oz was my favorite movie and that was a genius idea. I couldn’t find any so I made some!


My necklace was something borrowed from my sister that belong to my grandma Johnson who passed away last summer. My earrings,bracelet, and Bradly’s pocket watch all came from Kay Jewelers.


My hair was done by my awesome Coworker, Sara Ackerman

Bridesmaides hair and makeup also by my amazing Coworkers, Shannon Miller, Toni Johnson, and Charolette Skelton.

Make up by Heather Verges


The groom wore gray pinstriped pants with a black cutaway jacket deep red bow tie and cover button and ivory shoes.


Everone got a koozie that said, “To have and to hold and to keep your drink cold” and the other said said Alli and Bradly 09/05/2015


The flowers Looked incredible and was more than I could have hoped for. Robin Hunter created the most Beautiful Arrangements! When we met I had no clue what I was talking About when it came to Flowers. She made it so easy For me. I told her my vision for flowers but had no idea what I wanted. She took my ideas and my theme And her Creativity Created one Of my most favorite Things about my big day!! I wish I could have Kept my bouquet for forever!! Robin Humountainsnged for your Floral Events.


When it came to cake we knew we wanted To go to Jacivas and I’m so Happy we did. We got 150 cupcakes; German chocolate with hazelnut, pink Champagne, banana with sweet cream, and red velvet.
We also had a two tier cake that was sugar ombre’ from white to gold.


This was one of our most important vendors because they last forever! Bradly was extremely Picky when it came to Photographers, that was till he met Aaron. He became excited and that was a joy for me! Pictures seemed effortless the day of and honestly I forgot I was being Photographed the whole time. I’m excited to have these Memories forever!


I picked out a gatsby themed sample of an invitation and gave it to my mom and boy did she go above and beyond. They Were printed in gold paper With Gatsby Embroidery, they were Gorgeous!
Jenni Wade


The menu Consisted of steak, loaded mashed Potatoes, a Vegetable medley, salads, and assorted breads. The Food was AMAZING! Everything I Dreamed of and more. The grooms signature drink was a mojito and the Brides was a whisky sour!
Gina Lindstrom


We got to spend 10 days on the island of Maui. We enjoyed good food good drinks and beautiful sunsets. We relaxed a lot. We went on a helicopter ride and got to tour an island and see some incredible waterfalls. One day we went hiking and when we were done we got to jump in the ocean and immediately go surfing. We went snorkeling where a sea turtle swim right underneath us we reach down we probably could have touched him. We got to go zip lining through the mountains and see some amazing views. It was an amazing trip but we were sure glad to be home!


I think the most memorable moment for me was our vows we wrote them separately but they were so similar. It really meant a lot to me!


Take one day at a time!!! Be there for Each other and love Each other!!!


I Can’t thank my mom and dad, Eric and Cynthia enough for everything they do for me and us!!! They have made everything about this so wonderful! Thank you to my Husband for putting up With Me for the past year! My bridesmaides for all their Help! Gina and Daron, you guys made this the fairy-tail I’ve always dreamt about And it was a reality and Exceeded any expectation I could have ever had!!! Thank you EVERYONE!!!!

October 05, 2015

Rochelle + Ricky

Pomeroy Farm 8.15.15

(gallery best viewed full-screen, these are high quality images – give them a minute to load)


Ricky proposed to me on July 4th, 2014 at Jake’s Crawfish in downtown Portland. I was SO surprised, I can usually sniff out a surprise but I didn’t see it coming which made it so amazing. About a week prior I had to take my promise ring into the jewelers to be resized again. They said I could come pick it up in a few days. Well I received a call a few days later and they said it wouldn’t be ready for a couple more days… Well apparently Ricky had asked the lady to call me and tell me that so he could do a ring swap! We had talked about what we wanted to do for the fourth, and decided we didn’t want to go out of town or do anything crazy, so he told me he wanted to take me out to a nice dinner. The place was amazing, I’d never been to such a nice restaurant. It was so dreamy. I thought it was just a really fancy and romantic date, until they brought out the desert that had “Will You Marry Me?” written on the chocolate and an engagement ring on top! I lost it, I was so surprised! Trying to fight happy tears, I jumped on him and couldn’t stop saying oh my god, I love you so much, hugging and kissing him. And he goes, “So is that a yes?” Haha! I forgot to even say YES I was so excited! So of course I said YES! Such an amazing moment I’ll never forget. They even gave us custom menus that said our names and the date on them. And the part that warms my heart the most was how Ricky took my dad out a couple weeks prior to ask for my hand in marriage.


We wanted a rustic summer wedding. I’m a cowgirl, so I KNEW I’d be getting married in boots and have my bridesmaids in cowboy boots as well. We wanted it to be pretty casual, yet gorgeous and romantic.


Right after the proposal I knew I had to get going on the planning because we were about to move to Oklahoma for eight months. And there’s only so much you can do states away. Once we nailed down the venue it was smooth sailing from there. Of course I had already had a Pinterest board for my dream wedding ideas (what woman doesn’t) so that helped me gather ideas together. We also had SO much help from friends and family, we couldn’t have done it without them.


No other venues won my heart over until I came across the Pomeroy Farm It was EXACTLY what I’d dreamed of. So beautiful all by itself and it had the rustic charm we were looking for. They had the perfect spot for our ceremony underneath the most beautiful tree. So much greenery and nature it didn’t need much decoration besides some flowers! We knew it was the one.


I ended up flying home early February to go dress shopping with my close family and friends. The first stop at The Hostess House ended up being the last stop! I fell in love with the second dress I tried on. It was beautiful and had the lace that I loved. I tried a third dress on which had a different fit to it, and I really liked how it fit me but I loved the design on the second dress. The lady ended up custom ordering the second dress that I really loved with the skirt style of the third I tried on. I was so happy I cried! I had watched the show “Say Yes To The Dress” to prepare for that day and was honestly worried it would be a miserable process because of how hard of a time other women had and harsh critics, but it was like a dream and couldn’t have gone any better.


Cute Cowgirl Boots of course!


Hair and makeup done by Erin Overbay from Allure Salon & Spa


They were wearing nice dark wash jeans with boots and long sleeve ivory shirts. The Groomsmen wore a brown vest and Ricky’s vest was a beige. We used Men’s Warehouse for their rentals.


My Grandma did all of the wedding flower arrangements. The centerpieces were mason jars with burlap, and had coral and spring color daisies and baby’s breath in them. My bridesmaids were wearing coral dresses and had baby’s breath bouquets. I had coral and Ivory roses with baby’s breath in my bouquet.


The cake was done by a really good friend of my sister’s, Kimmie. It was a three tier cake that we put on a wine barrel with baby’s breath and coral roses on it. It was so beautiful and tasted heavenly.


Our photographer was Aaron Potter with OneBloom Photography and we were so incredibly pleased. I saw that he was one of the photographers that had shot at our venue for a couple prior weddings and I loved his pictures the most. He had done a friend’s wedding the year before that also recommended him to us. The whole experience he gave us was so exciting. He has such a great attitude and so much talent. Aaron is truly amazing at what he does and I would highly recommend OneBloom photography.


We used Vista Print online for our invitations and save the dates and absolutely loved them. They have so many choices and run really affordable promotions.


We had a BBQ buffet that our family and friends all helped with. It was a great way to keep the food expense low considering we had over 300 guests. We got so many compliments on the food, so we were really happy.


We really wanted to go somewhere tropical with the turquoise water and ended up choosing Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. We stayed at the Bavaro Princess All Suites Resort & Casino. It was absolutely beautiful. We stayed for six days and really enjoyed it!


There were so many special moments that day, but one that really stood out was when we performed our wine box ceremony after our vows. We took a moment to put a bottle of wine, two wine glasses, and a love letter to each other in a small wooden chest and locked it up. It is for us to open on our five year anniversary or if we ever come across hard times.


Don’t forget to slow down and enjoy each moment! The day goes by so fast so make sure you look around at all the faces and soak up as much of it as you can.


I have to thank all of our friends and family that helped make our special day possible, especially our parents.We truly couldn’t have done it without everyone. So many people contributed from all of the little projects and crafts, the food, coordinating the day, the flowers, setting up and taking down. Just everything. We are truly blessed to have so many amazing people in our lives and it meant so much to us to have all the help and support that we did.

September 11, 2015

(Images are High Quality, View Full-Screen! Please let the gallery load for a minute – take a water break!)

Interview with the Bride

THE PROPOSAL: It seemed everyone EXCEPT me (the bride) knew that we were getting engaged that week! We spent a weekend in Lincoln City OR, The both of us love to go visit the beach and play in the casino and hit up the antique shops! Earlier in the day on February 13th we were in the Coach Outlet store and I spotted a purse that I really wanted but we couldn’t justify buying it at the time. We spent the day wandering around and ended the night playing in the casino when Marques sat me down at a slot machine and said I’ll be back keep your phone on… uhh ok.. So I sat and waited and played penny slots for quite a while, long enough that I began to worry that he forgot me at the casino! The only thing I could think of was he went back to get me that purse as the next day was our 4 year anniversary! Finally Marques arrived and said are you ready to go..Nothing in hand, I was quite confused. We left the casino to turn in for the night when marques made me sit in the lobby of the hotel until he called me.. Now I’m really confused!! Finally he called me up and I met him at our door he covered my eyes and led me in, our room was completely decorated with candles and rose pedals and 4 long stemmed roses for each year together. He got down on one knee and I said.. “You’re not really doing this” lol followed by a yes!

VISION FOR THE DAY: The vision for our wedding day was to have a fun outdoor ceremony with our friends and family that helped shape the people we are today, we didn’t hold too many expectations as we had learned, what going to happen will, and you have no control of that. So our plan was to enjoy it and be as stress free as we could be.

THE PLANNING PROCESS: We had a year and a half engagement which seems like a long time to plan a smaller wedding but I’m glad it wasn’t any less than that. Poor marques had never been to a craft store so many times in his life, I promised he never has to go into one with me again! Picking everything out came pretty easy we hit up a lot of sidewalk sales at Craft Warehouse for our centerpieces and had collaboration from 2 uncles on beautiful tiger’s eye wood pieces for our candles on each table. It really turned out better than we could have imagined.

THE VENUE: I came across Cape Horn Estate by accident on Google one day and we both absolutely love the scenery in the Columbia River Gorge so it was an easy fit and seemed quite meant to be!

BRIDE’S DRESS: Meghan’s dress was a Mori Lee A-line gown with a sweetheart neckline and crystaled bodice, light weight which was perfect for our outdoor venue and the perfect princess dress! We purchased the dress from Bridal Exclusives in Clackamas ( Bridal Exclusives is the most amazing bridal shop that I visited! All of the staff were helpful and took the best care of all of their clients. The seamstress at Bridal exclusives that dealt with me and my dress was the best in the business! Lizzie Christ with Lizzie designs ( did the most amazing work getting my dress to be exactly what I had always wanted! Lizzie treated me like friend and not just a job she really made the whole dress experience the best.

BRIDE’S SHOES: my shoes were where I had my pop of color with some bright red heels to match my bridesmaid’s dresses and our groomsmen’s ties.

JEWELLERY/ACCESSORIES: My jewelry came from Charming Charlie in Bridgeport Village in Oregon, A great place to shop for any accessories on a budget, Great prices and great quality!

HAIR & MAKEUP: My hair and make-up was done by my dear friend and amazing hairdresser Ashlee Mckee, she was more than amazing following me through the day making sure I looked my best I could really never thank her enough!

GROOMS ATTIRE: The Grooms Attire came from Mens Warehouse. Marques found the perfect charcoal grey pant and matching vest that was exactly what we had pictured for him.

WEDDING FAVOURS: Our wedding favors were simple, red was our color so we got red suckers from the local party store and added an M&M monogram with the date to them so that everyone could enjoy a sweet treat.

THE FLOWERS: Our table center pieces were large white Gerbera Daisies from Garside Florist in Vancouver WA. ( The Florist also made a gorgeous bouquet for me with red roses and large red gerbera daisies. The Grooms men had miniature red daisies as boutonnieres and the bridesmaids had bouquets of white gerberas to stand out with their red dresses. Garside did all of the flowers for us including the flowers we had on our cake!

THE CAKE: Our cake was one of my favorite stories, Mrs. Roberta Doster was my 5th grade teacher in Washougal and when she found out I was getting married she offered to make our cake for us. Roberta does this for her former students as her gift to them. She made an amazing 4 tier square white cake with red ribbon and red daisies, it was a French vanilla cake with a strawberry filling, perfect for a warm summer day! I couldn’t be more thankful to her for making our cake, it was absolutely beautiful and tasted so wonderful.

YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER: Our photographer… well what can we say about him.. other than he was AMAZING! Aaron was professional through the whole evening and fit in well with our crowd. We appreciated that Aaron was watching out for the best shots possible. I loved taking pictures in this field down the road from our venue as the sun was setting. Aaron has a great eye!

INVITATIONS & STATIONERY: Our invitations were all hand made by the mother of the bride and both bride and groom, grey with red accents, who ever thought making 150 invites by hand would be fun must not have realized just how hard it was to get everything put together! But they turned out great.

FOOD & DRINK: We had pulled pork sliders with macaroni salad, potato salad and coleslaw all put together by the father of the bride mother of the bride and mother of the groom, and well many more it was a collective family effort! It all turned out great the pork was smoked for at least 10 hours before being pulled and ready for sandwiches. I’m drooling just thinking of it again!

THE HONEYMOON: Our Honeymoon was spent in Maui Hawaii. We had 8 full days driving a 2015 convertible Camero leaving our hearts all over the island, swimming with sea turtles and walking the sandy beaches, It was the most perfect time of my life (other than the whole marrying my best friend thing!) Meghan even got her first tattoo of a Sea Turtle on the final day before we flew home, a permanent reminder of the great time that we had.

A MEMORABLE MOMENT: The question would be what wasn’t memorable! A favorite moment of Meghan’s was meeting Marques on the edge of the Columbia River with the beautiful gorge cliffs in the background, seeing each other for the first time.

ADVICE FOR OTHER COUPLES: Just roll with it. What’s going to happen is going to happen and there is nothing you can do but know you’re about to walk down that isle and meet your best friend to commit yourselves to each other in front of everyone that you love. That’s what’s important, everything else is small stuff.

CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE: I give the most credit to Aaron and OneBloom Photography for helping us capture the most important day of our lives yet! Also to Roberta for the most beautiful cake! And all of our friends and family that made the day so special!


August 24, 2015

(use the gallery full-screen for best viewing – it WILL take awhile to download all those high quality images go grab a beer or some delicious water)

Below is an awesome interview with the Bride!

Jeremy proposed on the couples 7th Anniversary, New Years Eve 12/31/2013, at our favorite restaurant The House Brasserie in Scottsdale, Arizona amongst our closest friends.

Our planning process was of course stressful as for most couples, but we really tried to have fun with it and stay relaxed. We knew it would all come together somehow. Our vision for our day was a sort of vintage, romantic vibe. We knew we wanted to have a laid back ceremony with yard games and really get to enjoy our family and friends around us.

Our venue was amazing! The McMenamins Gearhart Hotel and Golf Course was absolutely stunning. After some initial bumps in the road with our previous coordinator, we started to get nervous that we had already put our deposit down on the wrong place. Thankfully when we started working with Melodee everything turned out great and she was so happy to help and very kind. We were a bit worried about weather but when the day came it a beautiful 89 degrees and sunny. We got very lucky!

The Brides dress was one of the hardest parts of the planning process until she stepped foot in La Bella Bridal in Mesa, Az. Amber was so amazing and helpful and the bride even found her dress under budget!

Ericia Walter with Bellisima Salon in Astoria, OR. came out to do the bride, bridesmaids and mothers hair on the big day. Ericia happens to be one of the brides oldest hometown friends. She did such a gorgeous job with the hair- everyone was in awe! The girls did their own make-up, with some help from a most beloved, fashion-forward friend Miss Jackie Lange.

The groom wore relaxed pants and a vest while his men rocked rolled up sleeves and suspenders.

We had a Goonies type theme for our favors and of course we had to cozies for all our beer lovers and fellow Arizonans!

The flowers we had purchased in bulk, of course were not quite enough when the boys were decorating the morning of the event- so the groom went on a mission to find the rest from roadside stands around Gearhart! He did a great job, everything looked beautiful and he pulled it off in a pinch.

Our photographer, Aaron, was awesome! He was there on time and had fun with everyone. We knew we wanted a lot of pictures of all our family and friends that had travelled so far to be with us and he happily obliged! Thanks, again, Aaron!

After our wedding we travelled back down the coast heading home with a stay over in Napa Valley, CA. We got to take our time and really enjoy being with each other.

Our advice for other couples is don’t sweat the small stuff. Pick what is really important to you and focus on a few key details. The rest will fall into place! It’s about the love you have for each other and not what your guests think of your food, dress or music.

For us the most important parts of our day were our loved ones, our fabulous photographer, our gorgeous venue and our awesome DJ- Casey from Stupmtown Dj’s. He kept our flow going and even though we were about an hour behind schedule all day he rolled with us and made the best of it!

August 10, 2015

PROPOSAL: Paul and I have known each other most of our lives. He is my brothers best friend. We have four children together and marriage was always put in the back for us. We always wanted it but it was never the right time. The proposal was in Seaside, OR on the beach. Paul asked our oldest son if it was okay if he married me. Our son said yes. Paul wrote in the sand “will you marry me Elizabeth?” I of course said yes.  It was a great day, one of the best and we couldn’t imagine that moment without our kids.

VISION FOR THE DAY: Our vision was a rustic feel and to have a lot of personal touches. Not a ton of decorations, and simple. We had around 70 people attend and it was mostly family which we love to surround ourselves with. Our children were our main priority on the day of. It was just as big of day for them that it was for us.

THE PLANNING PROCESS: Our planning process took about 5 months! I did mostly everything myself but had some help from my sister/matron of honor. She lives a few hours away so it was hard to make time for her to come help but she helped me so much emotionally! I can’t even count how many times I made a list, lost it, made it again, it wasn’t right. It was a continuous cycle! It was so much fun though.

THE VENUE: We got married at The Troutdale House in Troutdale, OR. We researched so many venues and were totally set on one and then I found out about the Troutdale House. It was my dream venue. I never thought in a million years we would be getting married in such a beautiful place. It was our dream venue. We went and did a tour and immediately booked it. We were completely blow away at the beauty.

BRIDE’S DRESS: :  I got my dress second hand. A friend had been selling a dress and I thought why not try it on since it was my size. I felt so beautiful in it. I knew that was MY dress. It was simple, white and bright, with beautiful beading at the bust.

BRIDE’S SHOES: I got my shoes at Payless. I’m not a huge fan of heels. I wanted something simple that I could walk in. They had two straps that went over the top. My mother added a beautiful  gem on them to make them pop.

JEWELLERY/ACCESSORIES:I wore sparkly tear drop shape earrings I bought at a local store. My necklace was from my Nana. It was made out of pearls and made me feel so special to wear it. Ill never forget that. I also had an old hanky attached to the inside of my dress that was passed down to each bride in my family on their wedding day.

HAIR & MAKEUP: My hair was done at CJ Roberts by Nancy downtown Vancouver. It was exactly what I wanted. It was half up with a ton of braids put together. It was perfect! My good friend and bridesmaid did my make up at the venue. She completely blew my expectations away. She did a black and tan smokey eye with light pink lips.

GROOMS ATTIRE:We rented Pauls tux from Mr Formal. He did a navy blue vest for all the groomsmen with a jacket over. The tux was ready for pick up almost a week early. We had an amazing experience with Mr Formal.

WEDDING FAVOURS: The favours were made with small white boxes. They had a stamp with an E and P on them, filled with rustic candies like caramel, rootbeer barrels, and butterscotch.

THE FLOWERS:   I had the flowers made by Scrap and Craft Boutique. Theyre located in Wisconsin and shipped them to us. She did such an amazing job with incorporating everything that I imagined just over messaging. My bouquet was so simple with white and coral silk roses. They had small gems on each rose. Our centerpieces came from our venue The Troutdale House. They had a ton to choose from. We picked simple white and light pink and then white and light blue flowers. They were so pretty and fit our wedding perfectly.

THE CAKE: We got our cake from the Troutdale Walmart. I was blow away by how amazing our cake turned out from a retail store. We had a two tier rosette white cake and then cupcakes with pink and white rosette flowers. It tasted great!

YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER: Paul originally worked with Aaron and had seen his photography work and knew how professional he was.  We saw Aaron at his booth at the Clark County Fair and knew from then we would book him for our wedding. He was everything we wanted to see in a photographer. He worked extremely well during our wedding and reception and went out of his way to get the perfect shot even if it was getting into a bush. He was willing to capture our perfect moments.  

INVITATIONS & STATIONERY: I ordered all of our invitations from Our invitations were made with a pocket of navy blue and the envelopes were coral. I got the inserts printed at Office Depot and put them together myself and were finished with a bow of twine to close them.

FOOD & DRINK: Paul catered our wedding. It was such an experience. He smoked pork and made pulled pork sandwiches, coleslaw, baked beans, potato salad and ceaser salad.  Paul also made beautiful fruit trays. Drinks were different sodas and strawberry lemonade.

THE HONEYMOON: We spent the next week in Seaside, OR where we got engaged. We don’t have much time away from the kids so it was an amazing week. We went zip lining at High Life Adventures one of our best experiences ever. We also took a helicopter and toured Cannon Beach. It was everything that we could ever imagine.

A MEMORABLE MOMENT: The first look hands down!! It tears me up just thinking about it. Seeing my soon to be husband for the first time was so special and I’m so glad we will have those photos to share forever. The look on his face was completely priceless.

ADVICE FOR OTHER COUPLES: BREATHE! Things won’t turn out 100% how you want it but the good thing is that most people won’t even know. I kept stressing if everything was in the right spot. I was stopped many times from going out to the ceremony spot to make sure everything was perfect. Put someone you trust in charge and let them be in charge on the day of!

CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE: Our photographer OneBloom, Aaron Potter- amazing!

Scrap and Craft for my awesome flowers. The Troutdale House, our venue. A dream come true! My handsome husband Paul for putting so much work into our food and making everything perfect. All our family who helped with everything and kept rooting us on and helping when we would let them.



July 21, 2015

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Checkout Our Exclusive Wedding Interview with the Bride!

The Proposal:  Craig and I had gone ring shopping at Sherry’s Jewelry Box in Tigard.  We looked at several beautiful settings, but I pretty much had my heart set on a Halo-style setting.  Sherry pulled a beauty out of the case, and I loved it from the start.  The center, where the diamond would sit, was empty, allowing us to choose the stone we wanted.  There were several small diamonds that encircled where the center stone would be and two larger diamonds sitting to the left and right of the circle.  The band separated into two bands on each side in the front and then reconnected to form a solid band at the back.  Each of the four sections contained five diamonds.  The bling was awesome!  My favorite part was the four peek-a-boo diamonds – two on top and two on the bottom that you literally have to “peek” to see.  Sherry went to the back and came out with two very special diamonds with beautiful color, cut and clarity.  We settled on a 1.23 carat sparkler that made my heart sing.

Since we didn’t have all the money we needed to purchase the ring right then, we put it on layaway with no certain time frame to pick it up.  I knew we would work at getting it paid off during the next six months or so, but unbeknownst to me, Craig had plans!

We had started taking dance lessons at Arthur Murray.  It was much harder than it looked and progress seemed slow.  We had less than two months of lessons under our belt and were watching other couples perform “spotlights.”  A spotlight is a specific dance that is practiced and practiced until the couple feels comfortable showing off their talents in front of the studio.  A few couples had performed their routine and over the microphone I hear “Next up is Pam and Craig.”  Everyone is cheering, and I say to Craig, “we don’t have a dance prepared.  Why are they announcing our names?”  Craig confidently marches me out to the dance floor, the music comes on and we begin stumbling – yes, stumbling all over each other’s feet.  I am so embarrassed!  All of a sudden one of the instructors comes walking towards us.  (One person later told me they thought she was coming to help us since we obviously were having trouble.)  She hands Craig a small box, and he drops to one knee.  It was at that point things started clicking and making sense what was about to happen.  He opens the box, takes my hand and says “Pam, will you marry me!”  I was jumping up and down with excitement, screeched out a “YES”, and we were mobbed by all the happy dancers and instructors.  What an amazing proposal.  I will remember that night forever!

Our vision for the day: Was to have a ceremony that heralded our strong belief that marriage is a covenant and life-long commitment between God and each other to be best friends, lovers and companions until we leave this earth.  We wanted to share this time with our families and close friends and to especially incorporate our grandkids into this happy occasion.

The planning process:  We were searching for the perfect (although affordable) venue to accommodate both our ceremony and our reception.  Once we found the location, most everything else was done via the internet.  Pam LOVES internet shopping and jokes that by far her favorite on-line find was Craig.  (We met on  Etsy played a big part in planning, as it was easy to coordinate colors, styles and things we liked.  One of the best things was every piece we purchased came from a different part of the world.  From Poland, Russia, England to Florida, we loved the fact that people from all over the world had provided pieces for our wedding.

For our venue: We chose East Fork Country Estates in Damascus, Oregon.  From the first time we visited we felt comfortable, loved the property and view and the Abernathy’s were a warm, friendly couple we knew we would like to work with.  The view was spectacular.  With lots of options for beautiful photography and a spectacular view of Mt. Hood, this venue had everything we wanted.

The Dress: Pam looked to the internet once again to search for dresses.  Almost immediately THE dress popped off the computer screen.  On a site called BHLDN the Emma Embroidered Petal Gown was the most beautiful dress ever.  With a V neck in front and in back, the dress was covered in small petals.  Cream at the top and ombreing into a soft blush pink at the bottom with a small train at the back, it was my big splurge at $1295!

The shoes: seemed to be a quick and easy find as well.  They were a beautiful rose pink taffeta fabric that seemed to have a beautiful sheen to them.  A strap in the back crossed over the top of the foot and placed a beautiful rose off to the side at the top of the foot.  The heels were a good four inches, and I knew these would get me down the aisle, through pictures and would most likely be coming off after that!

Jewlery: Etsy was the place for jewelry!  It definitely took a little longer to find just what I wanted, but it did offer a lot of choices.  I searched “pink” and “rose quartz” trying to find the perfect look.  I didn’t want to detract from the dress, so I zeroed in on something with a subtle color that would fill the V-neck of the dress.  I settled on a delicate sterling chain with rose quartz stones hanging loosely along the edges of the necklace and a larger stone at the bottom center.  Rose quartz drop earrings and a matching bracelet completed the set.  The headpiece was a birdcage veil with a large pink fluffy feather held to the veil by a crystal broach.

Hair: I wore my hair pulled up and back with a braid starting on the left and continuing low across the back of my head.  Makeup was soft pinks and grays to accent my dress and color scheme.

The groom’s attire: consisted of a handsome medium gray suit that had just a subtle sheen to it.  A cream shirt and tie in a pink, gray and silver pattern and matching pocket squares completed the dapper look.

Wedding Theme: We wanted a soft, subtle, romantic feel for our wedding.  Peonies seemed the perfect flower in our minds to accomplish this.  The bridal bouquet was primarily cream and soft pink peonies with a few roses added.  The maid of honor carried a bouquet of cream peonies.  Destiny arranged the table bouquets made up of peonies, baby’s breath, alstroemeria and mums – beautiful!

The Cake: Let’s be different!  We opted for an ice cream cart catered by Ruby Jewel.  The cart was complete with a pink, hula skirt looking umbrella.  With so many yummy hand made flavors to choose from, we tried to find something for everyone.  After poling some of our guests and giving serious thought to it ourselves, we settled on Singing Dog Vanilla, Fresh Mint Flake, Peanut Butter Dream, Carmel Bacon Brittle and Raspberry Truffle.  For toppings we had Salted Carmel, Marcona Almonds, Chocolate Crack and Chocolate Granache.  Shall we say decadent?  Everyone seemed to enjoy choosing their flavors and adding toppings.  Everyone said they tried more than one and it was a great change from the traditional wedding cake!

Your Photographer: Aaron, from OneBloom Photography was cool, calm and collected.  He was familiar with the property and was receptive to our photo-op requests.  The wedding flies by so quickly for the bride and groom, and we are anxious to see what Aaron captured that we may have missed, candid moments, and what we will look back on in years to come as our permanent wedding memories.

The Invitations: Very special! Again, thanks to Etsy, we found a woman who would take a photograph we provided to her of both Craig and I individually, transform the photos into somewhat of a cartoonish caricature, and make them look as if they are two framed photographs.  On the back of the was the invitation verbage.  We received many compliments on them, and comments included that they were fun and different.

Food: Was an important part of the wedding to us.  We have attended many weddings where the food is cold when it’s time to eat, and it often doesn’t taste all that good for the price you pay.  Diana from East Fork assured us that Erik Youel, aka Chef Du Jour, was their favorite chef and food would not only be delicious, but hot when it was time to eat.  We did a taste test at his prep kitchen and loved everything we tried.  For appetizers we chose potato cups and tomato and leek tatin.  For the main dishes Beef Bourguignon, Wine Poached Salmon, Ricotta Potatoes, Northwest Pear Salad, and a Cheese and Antipasta Platter rounded out the offerings.  Diana was so right, Chef Du Jour was an awesome chef!

Honeymoon: Ahhhhh the honeymoon…  We did have to return to work for one week before departing on June 28th for 17 glorious days in Maui.  We enjoyed a full week of relaxing, wonderful food, a show highlighting some of the dance, chants and customs of the early Hawaiians called Ulelana, swimming and parasailing 1200 feet in the air!  We also met a wonderful couple from Kansas City, Kent and Lori Haggard, and went wine tasting at Fleetwood in Lahaina with them.  At the end of week one, our friends Carol, Brandon, and Nicole joined us and our adventures continued.  We went zip lining at Haleakala, took a walk through the grounds at Ocean Vodka, and then headed to the 10,000 foot elevation at the top of Mt. Haleakala where we watched an absolutely stunning sunset.  We were approximately 2000 feet above the clouds, which provided some stunning scenery.  As the sun set down through the clouds, the colors were breathtaking.  We also visited Paia Town, which is always a highlight of the trip.  A surfer, hippy sort of town Paia is full of colors, interesting people and great shopping.  I always feel like Paia is a place Jesus would have hung out!  Towards the end of the trip everyone except Pam gave surfing a try.  I had slipped on a step in the swimming pool early in the trip and twisted my knee.  It continued to bother me, so I was a little nervous I might make it worse.   On the last day of our stay I got an urge to get my second tattoo.  I chose “No Kau A Kau” – for eternity in Hawaiian – on my left wrist.  I felt it was a meaningful commitment to both Craig and my love for Hawaii.  So, after a wonderful 17 days, we said Aloha!  Until we meet again!

Memorable Moment: Craig’s most memorable moment was when Pam read her vows to him and when Tyler and Tiffany gave their toasts.  Pam’s moments were also Craig’s vows, Tiffany’s words of support, and watching as people arrived at the wedding.  One friend, Shirley, I hadn’t seen in 40 years, but everyone came to support us and celebrate with us.  It just seemed so incredible!

Our advice for other couples: Would be to enjoy each moment.  So many young couples (and ladies in particular) get so stressed out and worried about every little detail that they forget to enjoy the process.  In the end, the guests really won’t remember if every detail came off just like you wanted.  So take time to enjoy each other and make memories throughout this happy time.

Credit where credit is due:  We want to thank our friends and families for supporting us, loving us and helping make our day special.  Also our grandkids, Keagan, Mason, Gavin and Scarlett for being such an important part of our day.  We love you so much!   To Brandon, Amanda and Regan, we missed you.  You definitely would have added a completeness, and we love you too.  Keri, what a help!  You kept on top of everything and everyone.  Thank you for everything.  Dave, Wow!  Your first wedding and everyone wants to hire you.  You were amazing and kept the focus where it belonged.  And finally, thank you Jesus for bringing us together.  We truly believe it was your grand plan that allowed us to find each other.  Help us stay focused on you!

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