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June 25, 2012

We had the wonderful opportunity to use a country barn for a fun family portrait session just North of Vancouver, Washington in Ridgefield, Washington. The weather was perfect and the sun was just coming down. The boys loved being outside, hay bales, tall grass, old trucks, feeding the horses, big barns and beautiful trees. We loved it! The primary color scheme that everyone is wearing was perfect for the session and really lights up the portraits. The boys are just adorable aren’t they? Enjoy your photos! We loved capturing your family portraits!




Vancouver, Washington family portrait photography of three little boys on a hay bale outside





family portrait on grass in front of old truck near portland, oregon













May 26, 2010

Well, it’s been a rainy May here in Portland, Oregon and at OneBloom Photography we’ve still been busy! For this family portrait photography session, the client wanted a rainy day – and that is exactly what was delivered. We got soaked – and we also got some great shots! It’s a little more of a challenge to shoot in the rain but it was well worth the extra effort! The session started at the Sellwood Bridge Park in Portland, OR and moved onto downtown Portland. The entire session was a ton of fun and only lasted two hours! Talk about a lot of great shots and interesting locations!

Personally, I love the photos and I’m so happy the sun even came out! But, I can’t wait for some nice sunny weather to head our direction! Book your family photography session now!

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December 10, 2009

The Stuart Family needed some great photos to remember their new family by! It was the perfect day to be outside in the park in Vancouver, WA for some family photos. We spent an hour walking around and getting a lot of great photographs of their family and watching their baby play! What a great day in the sun for their family portraits!

Thanks guys! Enjoy the pictures of your new family!

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