Our Sessions Are Fun!

We like to keep things light hearted and fun. It's about you guys - being you. You can't smile, laugh or be silly enough. We're like a tour guide - we walk around - find the pretty 'light' - make you laugh - show you some cool spots - oh and of course snap some photos along the way.

We bring an assistant with us too. Wireless flahes, reflector, two camera bodies and two lenses at all times. We get it all. The best moments are the in-between moments. The part where we your guard is down and your just being yourselves. Those little moments are when we'll be right there waiting to snap that perfect image.


Our packages and pricing information make it easy to find a session that fits you.

You can choose the location or we have plenty of advice to offer!

Engagements on the Blog

Checkout MORE engagement sessions on our blog! This is great for scouting locations and finding images that fit your style. If you like what you see here, chances are you'll love your sessions images too!

Get in Touch

We'd love to chat with you about your session. It can be close to home here in the Portland metro or far up on Mt. Hood, down the Oregon coast or in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge.