Red Barn Wedding in Woodland, Washington

Lauren and Jackson are not only clients, they are friends of mine. They are such a fun, loving, outgoing couple. They have been together for years and years before they got married. They both cried on their wedding day with such emotion, it was impossible for me to hold back the tears too.

Capturing their wedding meant a lot to me. Talk about pressure! Capturing moments of a couple that you deeply care for isn't easy! You want everything to be perfect! While that is hard to do, Lauren and Jackson's wedding at the Red Barn in Woodland, WA was beautiful. They made my job easy – just look at them! They are adorable!

I met with a Bride the other day that was looking at this wedding and she commented on how beautiful the ceremony was at this wedding. Yes, it was. But it was technically the most challenging ceremony I have ever photographed. The mid-afternoon sunlight was directly behind them, the lights inside were two different color temperatures, plus my flashes were firing at 100% of their power. Oh and it was probably 100 degrees up there in that barn loft. Combine that with the stress of capturing everything perfectly and staying focused – it was tough. But yes, it's one of my favorite ceremonies as well. Just look at them! The smiling, laughing, the crying in the image right after the 1st kiss is probably my favorite.

Of course, I have plenty of other favorites from the day as well – it's gorgeous outside and we had a ton of light to work in! It helped that Lauren and Jackson were comfortable with us and especially just being themselves. I love it!

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