Richland, Washington Wedding Photography

Dana + Jasen's wedding is case and point of good planning. We captured their engagement photos in the rain here in Vancouver, WA in the winter! By the time summer solstice came around we were ready for their sunny, beautiful wedding in Richland, WA at Memories at Sunset. (The longest day of the year!)

We like to plan around the sun and anticipate where the light is going to be months before it even happens. Well, we managed to do just that for their wedding! Sure, we got all the beautiful moments leading up to the sunset, but when that sun started dropping in the desert sky - I was in awe. Soon, one of the most magnificent sunsets fell behind where I wanted to place my beautiful wedding couple. Oranges, purples, bright yellows, golds and greens. The sandy desert and tumble weeds with the small desert mountains in the background was perfect.

I was actually born in Richland, WA and spent a good portion of my life there. I was so happy and intensely focused when shooting the setting in front of me. After I got the shot I wanted, I couldn't resist posting a picture of the back of my camera online for everyone to see what I had just done. I handed my camera to the Groom and took a photo of the screen and uploaded it immediately to my followers.

That's the kind of feeling I love. That passion, in that moment, for me is truly the love that I have of photography. It's something I have to feed. It's so much fun for me to be outside, at a new location, photographing people that are in love. Knowing that they will have the images forever and that the images I'm creating will be around long after we are both gone is truly special. I love it.