San Fransisco Wedding Photography

I get lucky. Which happens to be the album that I listened to while editing a lot of the images from this amazing wedding. Maria and Barre emailed me a long time ago about their wedding in Portland, Oregon in 2011. 2 years later I’m in San Fransisco working with the same awesome couple from Chicago. How did this happen? Really? I have someone that loves me? Wow. I did get lucky.

Editing. Shooting. I catch myself smiling, reliving the memories. I dreamed about this shoot many times over in my head. In fact, I went to sleep with earplugs and found inspiration by looking at wedding images from around the world before this wedding. When walking around I found myself in a zen like state looking for places to shoot. The light was on my side. The weather was perfect. May, San Fransisco and it was sunny and absolute perfection. My first time there and I was fresh off the plane carrying around thousands of dollars in gear and working with amazing people and places that just happened to be equally as amazing.

Laughter. The amount of laughs we shared together is awesome. I wish Maria and Barre lived closer because they are both just awesome people. It’s so cool – it shows in the images. The connection. The genuine look of letting your guard down and just being yourself. Their energy is contagious and they find a way to light up a room. The stories, the jokes, the sarcasm, the chill vibe of just being in a space and accepting what happens. It’s a silent love story and the thousands of images I have aren’t even enough to truly capture it.

I don’t write reviews for clients. Maria and Barree have changed the way I look at on-location shooting, they just get out there do whatever and don’t care. They are the most outgoing, do-whatever-we-want-and-have-fun because-we-love-each-other attitudes I can think of. The support of the large family and friends shows it. It’s incredible. Such a great amount of people to have the privilege to be around.

Thank you. Maria and Barree for not just being clients but for being friends. For taking me in. For being so incredibly cool. You both are just awesome. Cheers to you and your images for capturing just a spark of who you both are. God, I love my job. I am so blessed.

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